• Quality Management

Quality matters most - not only with our products
Our entire production is subjected to quality assurance according to:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2009
  • ISO TS 16949:2009 (Automotive)

which is regularly checked in annual audits. We have also been certified according: because we constantly strive to comply with the demands for environmental protection. It is important to us to treat our environment with respect and responsibility, and to help retain our natural resources.


Quality & Environmental Directives

    Market-based strategies for quality and environment
  • The standard for the quality of our parts and components is set by our customers. The ongoing processes within the company concerning development and production of our parts and components are focused on protecting our environment and saving our resources.

  • Economical quality and environmental protection
  • The production is defined according to economical and environmentally friendly principles, applying modern processes and high-quality materials in order to assure this on a permanent basis.

  • Responsibility for quality assurance and resource saving
  • Each employee is self-responsible for the quality of their work and, therefore, contributes to secure the environmental goals of the company. Our management takes great effort in explaining the goals concerning quality and environment to the employees.

  • Awareness for quality and environment
  • We need dedicated, interested and content employees who ensure the company's goals with their high awareness for quality and costs as well as for environmental issues.

  • Planning and communication of quality and environmental issues
  • Avoiding mistakes comes first, and is clearly preferable to correcting mistakes. Error causes must be detected and eliminated, while actions ought to be taken to avoid them in the future. The voluntarily given environmental goals are planned and communicated purposefully. All employees contribute to their successful realization and initiate new goals.

  • Quality assurance and environmental protection integrated into the process
  • Quality assurance and environmental protection are firmly integrated into all the working processes ranging from development, order processing, purchase, production up to shipment.



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